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The official importer and exclusive distributor of wine and spirits Wine Gallery is proud to announce the entry into the Ukrainian market. Our company is engaged in the production, and import of wines from the world's leading wine regions - Spain, Italy, Argentina, Georgia, the USA. We successfully combine traditional winemaking methods with modern innovative technologies on our own production and vineyards in the regions of Ribera del Duero, Uko Valley, Tuscany and Kakheti. Long-term winemaking experience and traditions following make it possible to create the world renowned exquisite wines with unique qualities.

The export geography of Wine Gallery products includes Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, China, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Poland. We are happy to include Ukraine as well – the growing dynamics and prospects of the Ukrainian market were fully appreciated.
First of all, we want to introduce to the Ukrainian consumer the Vinos de La Luz and Shilda brands, which are the basis of the Wine Gallery. Wide range of Vinos de La Luz wines produced at the family wineries in Spain, Italy and Argentina, along with an extensive bouquet of Georgian Shilda wines - one of the most successful wineries in Kakheti will be presented in Ukraine. Both brands are well known on their motherland and succeeded to get extremely high marks from world experts - Robert Parker, Tim Atkin and James Sackling, as well as the awards at the main international wine competitions - Decanter, Bruxelles, Meininger Verlag, Berliner, CWSA and Bachuss.

Wine Gallery products were highly marked in 2019: ILUMINADO VINOS DE LA LUZ MALBEC PARAJE ALTAMIRA 2015 got 97 points at the Decanter competition in London, Best in Show honorable mark, won the title of Argentina's Best Wine and entered the TOP 50 Decanter wines of the world.

Wine Gallery plans to import wine related products soon - cheeses, jamon and light snacks.

The success of Wine Gallery is built on the balanced mix of cost and quality. Exquisite, unique wines from the company's own wineries can be bought in Ukraine from 170 UAH (Georgia) and from 230 UAH (Spain, Italy and Argentina).

The importer Wine Gallery is focused on the individual desires of its customers and business partners. We are ready to form adaptive offers for bars and restaurants, supermarkets and HoReCa, as well as satisfy the elegant wishes of demanding Ukrainian wine lovers.

Wine Gallery – the best wine traditions

Vinos de La Luz is a family-owned company that passionately continues the legacy of generating unique wines around the world.

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Shilda Winery was founded in 2015, but winemaking traditions were laid in the area of Kakheti a few centuries ago.

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High-origin wine from Spain, Italy and Argentina

A large umbrella brand is a world known under the name Vinos de La Luz. The company representing the products of several wineries located in Spain, Italy and Argentina. The USA will also be represented soon - the production of wine in California Santa Barbara is preparing for the launch in 2020.

The range of Vinos de La Luz wines includes about 20 positions from the three wine regions - the Uco Valley in Argentina, the Ribera del Duero region in Spain and the city of Montalcino in Italy.


Every glass of Vinos de La Luz wine is an unforgettable journey to its place of origin.

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Spanish Vinos de La Luz vineyards

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Vinos de La Luz products regularly receive prestigious awards

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Shilda winery was founded in 2015, but the tradition of winemaking was established in this region of Kakheti centuries ago. The wise combination of the traditions respect and the modern technology using is the secret of the Shilda winery success, one of the fastest growing wine companies in Europe.


Shilda vineyards

are located in the heart of Kakheti, the legendary center of Georgian wine culture. In the picturesque area of Shilda, the rarest conditions are created for the ripening of upscale grapes: thanks to the special climate and the soil rich in minerals, Shilda farms get an excellent base for unique Georgian wines. The winery occupies 6 hectares and is equipped with the most modern equipment from France and Italy.

The Shilda assortment contains 18 types of wine

as well as Georgian cognac and grape vodka. Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Tsinandali are mainly used for wine production. Each bottle from the Shilda assortment has a complex and rich bouquet with rare shades - it can be southern fruits, white flowers, honey or berries. That is why wine can be considered both as an excellent aperitif and a drink for consumption in combination with traditional European cuisine.

The Shilda assortment contains 17 types of wine

You will find picturesque landscapes created by the great Georgian master David Kakabadze on the wine bottle labels. The artist masterfully transferred the beauty of the real expanses of Georgia in vivid artistic images.

Shilda wines surely conquer the world

Shilda wines confidently conquer the world

and the brand is very popular in China and Poland, actively participate in international exhibitions around the world. Passing the legacy from generation to generation, Shilda enters the promising Ukrainian market. Appreciate the highest quality woven from a harmonious combination of centuries-old traditions and modern innovations.

Wine Gallery is an importer and exclusive distributor of wines and spirits from the best wine regions

The importer and exclusive distributor Wine Gallery introduces the Vinos de La Luz and Shilda brands on the Ukrainian market, expanding the offer of imported wines and spirits from the best wine regions. We are convinced that our Ukrainian customers will be able to appreciate the unique and valuable offers of Vinos de La Luz and Shilda. We will actively expand the range of imported wines from all over the world, focusing on the mix of cost and quality.

The importer Wine Gallery is extremely customer-oriented: we are ready to provide you with individual procurement conditions, select an exquisite wine list for restaurants, and provide any client’s requests with a high-quality product.

Shilda wines surely conquer the world


Iluminado Callejon Rustaveli



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